Thursday, October 11, 2012

A peek into my sewing room

How’re your week going so far? One more day till TGIF – hang in there!

Anyway thought I’d give you a little peek at something I’m working on in the sewing room – something really special for a babywearing mum


P.S. Countdown to the Australia New Zealand Babywearing Week giveaway ends in two days. Thanks for the comments, I’m enjoying reading all the lovely anecdotes and stories from everyone about their babywearing.


  1. Wow... I haven't touched a sewing machine since Home Economics lessons. I feel your passion, happy sewing!

    1. Thanks Geraldine ^_^
      Yes this is one of the things I enjoy doing. I also didn't really touch a sewing machine since home economics class in school until I had a baby... just felt this desire to sew baby stuff for him, and I simply followed it through


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