Tuesday, September 25, 2012

So how did we first meet?

Just because it’s nice to take a moment and look back at where we began…


During my university student days in Perth, Australia.

We happened to be attending the same church.

I was serving in the children’s ministry (Sunday School) at church at that time. I was tasked to organise getting a tape recording of the Sunday sermon to circulate among the other kids ministry helpers who had to miss out on the main service… and the person in charge of the tape recordings was none other than… my future husband! (although I didn’t know it yet at that time).

Our initial weekly exchanges to get hold of the latest sermon tape recording soon progressed on to regular online ICQ chats, then a couple of phone calls during the week, and soon we both realised that we couldn’t stop thinking about each other.

We both knew…
When he asked me out for ‘coffee’ one day and after some casual chit-chat we finally had the ‘serious conversation’ on how we felt and where this was going. Things definitely became ‘intentional’ from that point. I think the key phrase that sort of ‘locked’ us in this mutual intention was when he told me “I really like you and I want to move forward together with you”.


And that is basically how our love story first began. Twelve years on, and now I’m married to this man and have a beautiful son together with him.

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  1. Awww...I love hearing how your serious conversation went...He may have said it in a direct and clear-cut way, but to me, it shows that he was very sure of where he wanted to take the relationship...So romantic and sweet!

    Thanks for linking up, Serene! :)

    1. Thanks for starting this series... it was nice to recall those nice memories. My hubby also read it and said it was good to remember those memories through this post ^_^

  2. Forthcoming conversation! sweet :P


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