Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Rough-organic-earthy jewellery

After a lot of contemplation, I finally ordered this pair of earrings which has been on my wish list for ages.

Alexis Russell rough diamond earrings. I love the organic and earthy look of these diamonds. They’re so totally different from the typical perfectly polished white diamonds.

While waiting for them to arrive, I decided to make my own version of these rough-stone organic-feel earrings using crystallised white gravel stones from our backyard…


P.S. I snapped some photos of the process and put together a simple little tutorial here.


  1. Hans asked me whether i wanted a diamond ring when he was planning to propose (knowing that i would care about this sort of thing)... i finally decided i didn't want one, because to me diamonds are just not very pretty. but rough diamonds are something else! =)

    1. They really are something else aren't they! Similar tastes coming into play again ^_^


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