Thursday, September 06, 2012

Resolving to give more comment love


I have a loooong list of blogs I follow. Google Reader is my favourite trusty tool which enables me to keep up with all of them.

The thing is, because it’s so convenient to read it through the feed, there is less motivation to actually click on the post to leave a comment, even when I actually have a nice thought or a pretty good feedback point to add.

Similarly in Facebook, I scroll through status updates and posts, smile or laugh at some of them, but usually just continue scrolling.

But a few weeks back, this particular post stopped me in my tracks…


I’m glad to say that I was one of the 48 who left a comment. It was quite fun to play along and felt nice recalling those early days when I first met that particular friend.

But it got me thinking.

Have I gotten into the habit of just looking but not engaging? Receiving but not giving?

It’s terrific to be ‘connected’ to hundreds of friends through the wonders of modern social networking sites, including being able to reconnect with many old friends I had previously lost touch with.

But how ‘connected’ am I really? Is browsing and scrolling through status updates and reading through blog posts enough to really be considered ‘connecting’?

Was I simply just joining the ranks of millions of silent readers who in fact are not so different from plain ‘stalkers’ lurking in the background.

So I made a personal resolution…

Henceforth I shall endeavour to comment on posts and engage in conversation. I shall do more than just ‘like’. I shall put my thoughts and feelings into words. I shall support the awesome blogs I have been enjoying and feed them with comments. I will… ENGAGE!

It won’t always be easy… especially when attempting to type something meaningful on the teeny tiny keypad on my phone or correcting errors made by my retarded predictive text tool.

I’m planning to start with something really achievable and resolve to make at least five meaningful comments per day.

Some of the bloggers I’ve been following might be a little surprised to see this new chick popping up and making seemingly random chirps here and there.

But this is my sincere hand-on-heart new resolution. It’s time to give back!


  1. Hi Serene, I'm also relying on my Google Reader - works fantastically :) And like you, I am trying to engage more, so here I am, dropping by to say hi! :)

    1. Hi Geraldine! Thanks so much for stopping to say hi. I feel the comment karma already starting to flow back through you! Such an encouragement.

  2. Hi Serenely, thanks for comment-loving on evelyn's guest post on the blog. I agree - the beauty of blogging is having a platform to engage in conversations and learning and growing through them too.'s nice to "meet" you here! :)

    1. Thanks for the affirmation on my 'resolution', June. Yes, definitely learning so much through the interaction and discussion once I got on board.


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