Sunday, September 02, 2012

10 things my son does that amaze me


I haven’t posted an update on Nathan in a while, but rest assured that he is growing and developing and learning new things all the time. Not a day goes by without some new discovery.

Anyway be prepared for some mummy-gushing over her son’s awesomeness. I know every kid is probably learning and developing new skills all the time just like mine. Nevertheless it still never fails to blow my mind every time my boy does something new.

So at just over one-and-a-half years old (20 months to be exact)… here are 10 things that Nathan does which amaze me:

  1. Call all his regular friends, carers and family members by name. He already can tell me the names of all his buddies at day care.
  2. Able to ask specifically to chat to his grandparents (po-po and gung-gung) on Skype.
  3. Recognise and name the primary colours yellow, red, blue, and also green.
  4. Count from one to ten. And fill in missing number sequences too. This one is hubby’s absolute favourite. I imagine he’s already dreaming about having  math prodigy in the house.
  5. Name at least 20 animals (and also make the corresponding animal noises for about 10 of them)
  6. Loves role playing tea-time and cooking games with me and his teddy bears.
  7. Help with setting the table for meals – e.g. carrying peanut butter, nutella and honey jars to the table, and setting out his own little plate and cutlery.
  8. Put away his toys at the end of the day when it’s time to go to bed.
  9. Determinedly spoon-feed himself cheerios with milk, and rice with soup (messily but gets it into his tummy)
  10. Enjoys foods with a little bit of a spice kick. He’s tried spicy-dim-sum-pork-ribs, beef rendang and various Indian curries at day care. I still keep things mild just to be on the safe side.

And here’s another bonus item: on Sunday afternoon, we scored our second successful unprompted poop-in-potty. This one was definitely not accidental. Nathan deliberately told me he needed to do a poo and held it in until he was seated in the potty. And he have not even begun officially potty training yet!

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