Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Time out

So on Sunday, hubby and I officially made the decision to start implementing the time-out chair for disciplining Nathan if the occasion arises.

I think I have been rather indulgent with Nathan all this while. Granted he is not really a very naughty child. Most of the time he displays a very sweet and loving temperament – always eager to please others.

He puts his toys away when we ask him to (sometimes on his own without being told), he enjoys helping to set the table, he will sit down to put on his shoes before going outside, he goes down for his nap and bedtime on the dot when we say so.

But like any toddler… he too has his ‘difficult’ moments…


I don’t know why, but it never even occurred to me to even smack him until another mum brought it up to me a couple of days ago.

But I knew that sooner or later, when boundaries start to be tested, the ‘rod’ (whether we mean it literally or metaphorically) must come forth.

Hubby and I discussed the time-out system at length. What chair should we use? Should it be a different colour? Where we should put it? When should we use it? How long should he sit there? What should we do after the time-out?

We even made a special trip to Ikea just especially to get a particular chair for this specific use.


On the way there, I said to hubs: “I feel so inadequate and underserving of this tremendous responsibility… to shape and develop all these values for this whole other person… when I am such a mess myself

Hub’s nonchalant reply: “Well, it’s either that or leaving it to the police to do it for you next time


So today marks a historic moment:



As hard as this is, I bet there are bigger challenges yet to come.

God give me the grace and wisdom I need.


  1. whoa... such a drama photo... no biggie man... we kena rotan all the time when we were young and we turned out just fine (almost).

  2. Actually I think half the time we tried to hide the rotan... and we hid it pretty well too

  3. I thought only my family siblings would hide the rotan for our dear lives ! All the rotan were recovered behind the organ when we finally moved house !

  4. LOL... ours were hidden behind the fridge! ^_^


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