Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Babysitter Survival Kit


So this weekend we had some friends help babysit Nathan so we could attend a parenting course at church. To help them out, I pulled together a special kit for them.

Presenting… The Ultimate Babysitter Survival Kit!

Here’s the ‘how' to’ on what I pulled together:

Nappy Change Kit: a couple of nappies, wipes, a disposable change mat and a bottle of hand sanitiser


For Tummies: I packed a mini-milk-box, raisins, a snack bar and a cheese stick


For Spills and Messes: spare change of clothing, a washcloth/small towel and a wet bag


And for the best part…

A Fun Bag: favourite DVD, music CD, stickers, balloons, microwave popcorn and bubbles! (totally the best distraction method for kids)


And especially for the babysitter…

Babysitter Booster Pills: magic pills to keep those energy levels up – strictly for babysitters only (contains M&Ms and Smarties)


Put it all together and voila!


You can download the printable for the labels in the kit here


I also used this terrific babysitter notes printable from Spool and Spoon

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