Monday, August 20, 2012

My favourite Enid Blyton book

So I was rifling through some papers and folders in our study shelf over the weekend. As I was doing so, my eyes happen to drift across a row of old books on the top shelf…

A familiar bright pink book right in the centre caught my attention:


My treasured volume of The Wishing Chair series by Enid Blyton

My parents bought this book as a gift for me from the M.V. Doulos in 1990

I’ve read so many Enid Blyton books that I can hardly remember them all. But this one is by far my absolute favourite Enid Blyton book.

For those of you who have read it, I don’t know about you but somehow this book always made me feel hungry whenever I read it. There is just so much good eating in the book. I used to wish I was inside the story as well enjoying treacle pudding, chocolate blancmange and cream buns.

There was even had a whole chapter dedicated exclusively to food – the one where Peter, Mollie and Chinky visited ‘The Land of Goodies’ which featured a chocolate biscuit tree, a jelly plant, hedges with grape-like bunches of boiled sweets, an ice-cream tree and streams that ran with ginger-beer and lemonade.

Other memorable good eats I remember from the book include tea with Mrs Spells where she served strawberryade, strawberry-ice and strawberry biscuits, and shops with magic taps that served whatever flavour of soup or ice-cream you wanted or imagined.

Here’s what the original covers of the Wishing Chair books looked like:


I’m so looking forward to sharing and reading these books to Nathan someday.


P.S. It was my mother’s birthday over the weekend. My mother was the one who first introduced me to the wonderful world of Enid Blyton. Looking at this book brought back all those childhood memories including the library excursions she took us on every other week when I was a girl. Enid Blyton was almost a staple check-out item in my quota for the week.


  1. I think I read almost all of Enid Blyton's books when I was a kid. Everything from those short stories of 5 o'clock tales to adventures tales like Wishing Chair and Faraway Tree, and to mysteries like the Five Find Outers & Dog, etc.

    Ohhhh...i used to LOVE enid blyton too! ;D

  2. Yeah... there's just something magical about Enid Blyton.

    Most of the Enid Blyton's I've read were borrowed from the library as a kid. But I still have a few books which were bought and kept till today.

    Looks like you've read heaps of Enid Blyton - if you've build up a collection, it will be like a legacy you can pass on to your kids!

  3. I used to be enthralled by Enid Blyton's books. Thus, my fascination with Enid Blyton and her books would lead me to write and publish a book on her, titled, The Famous Five: A Personal Anecdotage ( Stephen Isabirye


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