Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Chillies and scary black caterpillars

Our garden is in a sad state these days. It’s winter season now for us living down under, so it’s a lot cosier and comfier staying indoors.

Of course I do venture out to our garden several times a week… either to:

  • Take advantage of sunny spells to sun my cloth nappies
  • Or to let Nathan run around and play outside on clear days
  • Or to snip some lavender flowers for my heat therapy bags

But while I’m outside, I pretty much stay oblivious to the garden. If you don’t already know, I’m just not a gardening person. In fact, I forgot all about the baby oregano which Nathan planted, until hubby asked me whether it was still alive (it still is actually, phew!).

But the one spot in the garden my eyes could never ignore was the flaming red fruit on our chilli plant. Red is a difficult colour to ignore – especially when the whole plant is just crimson spotted all over.


Despite the minimal care given, the small plant was just heavy with chillies dotted all over and literally weighing it down.

I hadn’t planned on harvesting the fruit because since Nathan started transitioning to sharing our meals, my chilli usage has reduced significantly. In fact, I still have two bags of them in the freezer from the previous harvest.

We should give them away, but harvesting and plucking them can be rather time consuming. However after a few times walking by the plant, reflecting on the sad waste of the beautiful chilli, I finally dug my heels in and harvested the fruit.

It was quite a harvest for such a small plant. This is a picture I snapped while I was only halfway through…


The arduous harvesting process was further impeded by Nathan’s efforts to ‘help’ and the super scary hairy black caterpillars I encountered.


I divided everything into ten generous portions and bagged them up nicely. All part of the service. The caterpillar removal service is especially priceless. I hope someone appreciates the gravity of the ordeal I had to undergo. I still have shivers now thinking about those alien creatures.

So far I’ve given two bags away. Please come and claim your portion of the remaining eight. They are excellent caterpillar-free chillies and quite potent too, so a little bit goes a long way.


P.S. If your tongue every falls victim to super potent chilli like ours, apparently the best way to cure the burning effect of eating chilli is to either eat yoghurt or drink milk or alcohol

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