Thursday, August 30, 2012

5 ways to calm down a toddler

DSC02310So this week featured a mini-drama with the toddler which led to the historic moment of our very first time-out chair session.

Despite the tears (both his and mine) I believe the ‘chair’ made its point. Since that episode, the time-out chair has remained unoccupied and the undesirable behaviour has not been repeated.

Hail the mighty power of the chair!

Saying that, I do think i is important though, to distinguish between actual wrongful behaviour or actions versus circumstances where a child is simply finding it challenging to cope with.

Some examples of these situations could include:

  • Overtiredness or lack of sleep
  • Hunger or low blood sugar
  • Feeling overwhelmed in a strange or new situation
  • A boo-boo or hurt
  • Frustration at not being able to explain their need

In situations like this, I believe it’s best to first try and address the root issue, exercise a little more tenderness and empathy and try to do something to take the edge off.


Here are 5 things I’ve found to be effective in helping to bring calm to such difficult moments:


1. Get down to their level
Kneeling or lying down next to them, and whispering or speaking softly


2. A tight hug
Give a really big, firm, warm, all encompassing hug and often you’ll soon feel those little muscles relax and quiet down


3. Bubbles
Need I say more?


4. Milk
Sometimes something for the tummy is just what they need


5. Lavender and rosemary calming spray
I found the idea here and really like it – so far my toddler has been more interested in the spray bottle rather than the actual effect of the spray itself… but I suppose it did sort of work as a distraction in that way

P.S. Also linking up to this great post from the Mommy Cafe on Surprising Insights About Tantrums

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