Thursday, August 16, 2012

16 ways to stop thumb sucking

image_thumb1My son is a thumb sucker. Albeit not a perpetual thumb sucker… but it is his most relied upon object for staying cool and regaining his composure in difficult moments.

I’m not in a hurry to unplug his thumb permanently right now, but out of curiosity I decided to Google ‘ways to stop thumb sucking’ to see what was out there.

Here are 16 methods I’ve come across which I thought I’d share here (perhaps some of you might even be familiar with a couple of them)


Some classic remedies:



Lemon juice

Hot sauce


Onion juice

Bitter gourd juice

Axe Brand Medicated Oil (a.k.a. Minyak Kapak)

Bandage or duct tape


Some newer innovative methods:

imageA beautiful thumb manicure (for girls)

Awful tasting nail polish

Giant mittens

Thumb blocking gloves

imageA specially designed thumb guard

A fixed palatal crib (looks kinda scary)

A letter from The Kid Fairy


If all desperate efforts fail, I suppose we can only accept that there must be an inner peace found in the thumb which only thumb suckers can understand.



  1. This is so cute of you to do this research. Hey, my parents must be so clever for they tried desperately on me many many years ago, they did the "Minyak Kapak" (I think it was worst than this oil) and the a huge bandage (which I still attempted to put on my lip but it was too big).

    Those were the days, it was really soothing for me as a child ! Thankfully, none of my kids suck their thumb like their mummy !

  2. Wow! You still have vivid fond memories of your thumb. The thumb must be a powerful thing, indeed.

    I don't really mind Nathan's thumb sucking at this stage as he is still only 19 months old. But we shall see how things progressed. Hopefully we don't have to go through a major battle like your parents did! If so, can check with them for any tips :)


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