Friday, July 27, 2012

Cloth for mama

I’ve pondered for a while on whether and how I should share this subject. I’m not entirely sure what my reader demographic is and I did worry about grossing some of you out.

After thinking about it, I decided to give you all the benefit of the doubt… that you are all mature people open to hearing about new ideas. Even if you can’t or won’t take this on board, it’s still a ‘good to know’ to just be aware that such things exist in the world.

And the thing I’m talking about is this…


Cloth pads a.k.a. ‘mama cloth’ made by yours truly for my own personal use.

If you’re dabbled in using cloth on your babies, perhaps the thought had crossed your mind or you might have seen references to this along the way during one of your fluffy shopping sprees.

I heard about it early on when I first started my research on cloth nappies. The gorgeous fabrics and designs were the biggest thing that drew me to the idea, but as I was caught with so many other new things at that time, I parked it aside to revisit the topic later down the track.

Months passed by and I forgot about it. Then one fateful day, I had an unexpected ‘red day’ and was caught totally unprepared. You can imagine my extreme irritation and frustration. I resorted to using (of all things) a breast pad (an extremely poor substitute) until I was able to pop out to the shops to restock.

That was the turning point for me.

I was so revved up over my utter indignation over the whole episode, that I went to the other extreme and decided to sew some for myself in preparation for the next cycle so I never have to go through such a troublesome experience again.

There are many benefits to using cloth pads (also called ‘mama cloth’), including…

  • Comfort (trading plastic for velvety soft velour fabric? no brainer)
  • Better for sensitive skin (no more chemicals)
  • Less smell (that signature ‘period odour’ is actually from chemicals in disposable pads, not us)
  • Convenience (no running out of pads again)
  • Cost savings
  • Green/environmental benefits

My own main personal motivation is the convenience. Maybe ‘coz I’m not one of those super regular 28-days women, so stocking up is not an automatic thing for me. Hence having a never-fail stash ready to go is a big plus for my case.

Cost savings is not a major factor as the $5-10 per month is not a real biggie for me, but still good – and it does add up in the long-term.

And the comfort and reduced smell was a nice bonus. All the articles I’ve read say so, but once I felt it for myself, there is no going back.

Plus the eye candy alone is enough to make anyone want to switch…


I know the whole idea might raise some eyebrows, particularly in relation laundry. All the same principles on laundry for cloth nappies apply here as well: Use a good pre-wash rinse/soak method and have faith in the wonders of your modern washing machine.

Other articles and posts that expand on the topic more:

Consider this a community service message brought to you by LivingSerenely ^_^

P.S. I’m not making these for sale, they are purely for personal use, but there are heaps of options on etsy or just Google ‘mama cloth’ for more.

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