Friday, June 15, 2012

A real boy

I know for a fact that my son is a boy. But it wasn’t until this recent trip back to Malaysia when I realised how much of a ‘boy’ he really is.

At home with me, mummy the playmate, he likes to hang around the kitchen with me and play masak-masak (cooking) with pots and pans, ‘help’ me hang up laundry by handing me pegs, read story books together. Sure sometimes he likes to play with his ball or zoom around on his toy-bike… but somehow this trip really unleashed his boy adrenalin (maybe it was always there but I just never saw it in full throttle like this with hair plastered in sweat and all).


Cars were a big thing throughout this trip. I was amazed at how he instinctively knew how to ‘zoom’ them across the floor or any flat surface. He could get so engrossed in them until he would not bother about eating his meal.

Sigh. Boys.


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