Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mothers’ Day 2012

My first mothers’ day flowers from my son…


He did the colouring himself, and although he had assistance with the assembly, it doesn’t make them any less dear to a doting mother.

How was your mothers’ day?

I was greeted first thing in the morning by a big wet slobbery *Muuuuuuuak* right on the mouth from my son. Also from hubs, but with much less slobber.

And I had breakfast cooked for me by my lovely hubby…


I feel food somehow tastes nicer when someone else cooks it for me.

Hope it was a good day for you too.


  1. awwwww... so sweet! Happy mommy's day, Serene!!!

    I agree with you about the food thing. it has to be from someone you love though! e.g. food at the restaurant sometimes does not measure up to my hope.

  2. p/s i love slobbery kisses!!! =)

  3. Yes, good caveat... it DOES have to be cooked by someone you love


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