Saturday, April 14, 2012

Our new uber cool chalkboard door

Something outrageous and cool I did recently…

I turned the inside of our front door into a chalkboard!


I used DIY chalkboard paint which I mixed together myself using some of the leftover supplies from our house construction.

With the leftover paint, I painted over an old photo frame and hung it up on the front side of the door.


I love the idea that I can change the wordings anytime depending on the season or situation… like “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Easter” or even “Shhh… baby asleep!

Whadaya think? Nice?


  1. It only we have this when my kids are young, for sure we will paint their doors !

  2. The old frame with a "Welcome" note on it puts more life on the door. By the way I might mimic that creative drawing on the back of your front door - my nieces love to draw such cute things, they'll be surprised to see it!

  3. I want to do that to our door at our new house too! What materials did you use? What's the mix called?

  4. aaron, you can mix it up yourself using tile grout (the fine powder tilers use to make the paste for sticking tiles) and paint. The ratio is 1 cup (approx 240ml) paint to 2 tablespoons of grout. You might need two coats of paint depending on the base colour of your surface or the colour of your paint. If you want to buy it instead, it should be known as chalkboard paint. In australia we can get them at diy/hardware stores

  5. The addition of a chalk board to your door is a charmingly creative idea! It gives a new purpose to your door. You’ve got an instant reminder board there. You can just leave a message on it, and your family won’t miss anything. This is also good for children. We know how much they love to write on anything, and it will certainly be enjoyable to them to write on that door. You don’t have to repaint your door either. All you need is an eraser to clean the mess up!

  6. I agree with Mary. Kids will surely enjoy your chalkboard door. I can imagine them pretending to be teachers and students at your home. This is a good tip for moms out there. You can make learning enjoyable for your kids by doing the same thing.


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