Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Smile, laugh and cry

Today I shall share three things with you to make you smile, laugh and cry.


#1. Smile… at this wonderful exchange between a seven-year-old girl and the legendary Roald Dahl. Using a combination of oil, coloured water and glitter, little Amy sent the author of The BFG a gift of one of her dreams, contained in a bottle. This was Roald Dahl’s reply:


#2. Laugh… at the stomach splitting cliché comedy antics of the Gamarjobat Duo. Seriously super slapstick stuff but I just couldn’t help laughing out loud all the way through.


#3. Cry… over the story of this little girl who died of a rare cancer at the tender age of six. Her mother has kept a blog journaling the anguish and struggle they faced in this battle since her daughter was just four-years old. I was torn up inside as I read this post written just a few days before little Charmaine’s death. I advise you to have tissues on standby.

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