Monday, January 09, 2012

Upright mobility

So Nathan is now officially walking.

The grand moment happened just yesterday. Nathan was cruising around furniture as usual, darting between one piece of furniture to the next. Then he took a step into uncharted waters – out into the open non-furniture area – one step… and another… and another… and tadaa!!!

DSC00790 DSC00791

He still has plenty of practicing to do, but he’s all eager for it. Of course there are some boo-boo moments… but that’s what mummies (and daddies) are there for…


And after a cuddle and a kiss or two, he’s up and about again… nothing can keep him down for long.


Oh dear, it only seemed a short while ago when he was just learning to crawl and stand and walk with some support.

I just rewatched the standing ovation clip and couldn’t help shedding a tiny tear at how fast he’s growing. Sometimes I impulsively grab hold of him to smell the remnants of his baby smell which are now already starting to fade away… replaced by smell of cheesy pasta from lunch and perspiration from his non-stop crawling/walking. He’s almost a little boy or maybe he already is… well this mummy is gonna keep calling him her ‘baby’ for as long as she can.


  1. Such a big boy! =) oh, Serene. Thanks for sharing!

  2. i think it's so amazing, how we followed Nathan's growth from your pregnancy onwards.. but i haven't even actually seen him in person yet!

    go-a-go-go Nathan *^-^*

  3. I know... it's amazing and scary at the same time.


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