Sunday, January 01, 2012

Stepping forward into 2012

Thought I’d borrow Nathan’s first art work to say 'Happy New Year to y'all


(Incidentally, I found it a strange new feeling when my son came home with his very first ‘official’ piece of art. I know it’s just a few smudges of paint and messy handprints - but to me, this masterpiece speaks so much about how far he's come in the past year. My heart was all swelled up with pride the moment I saw it. And true to the form of the classic mom, I immediately hung it up on the fridge, so I could admire it every now and then as I walked by)

This morning, our church media team played this inspirational clip…

As I contemplated the start of this new year, I was reminded of a post I wrote two years back… let’s ring in the new year and step forward to meet it valiantly in faith and hope.

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