Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Ice cream for breakfast

I thought I had outdone myself with my McGyver Mug Cake in the four ingredients (or less) category, but this tops them all…

ONE ingredient ice cream!

That’s right, you heard me. ONE.

And the magic ingredient is none other than: Bananas!

Who knew blitzing up some frozen banana slices would yield this wonderful, dreamy, creamy textured result…


Basically you start with a few very ripe bananas. Slice them up. Freeze them. Then take them out and place them in a food processor. Then start the blitzing process. At first you’ll wonder how can it be possible to whip up something creamy from that gooey mush. But just keep going and soon you’ll see the magic happen all at once. And the result is…

Banana ice cream. Literally.

You can also vary it by adding in some cocoa, peanut butter or other complementary fruits to mix up the flavour.

If it still sounds too complicated to you, you can follow this step by step photo tutorial here.

I had no qualms feeding my baby ‘ice cream’ for brekkie that morning.


Following the ice cream theme, I also recently tried out this ice cream muffins recipe I had stumbled across.

Two ingredients: self raising flour and vanilla ice cream.

The ratio is: 2 cups of ice cream to 1½ cups self raising flour.


Mix them together, dollop them into muffin trays and pop them in the oven for 15-20 minutes at around 180°C.

My muffins turned out rather dense the first time round because I was a little impatient and couldn’t wait for the ice cream to soften. Next time I’d let them sit out longer so they’re soft enough to just fold through the flour gently.

DSC00545I might also vary it by adding some fruits, berries, raisins, chocolate chips or some other filling.

Breakfast ideas just got easier.

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