Tuesday, December 20, 2011

This year’s Christmas sweets

So what what’s cooking in your kitchen this Christmas?

Well this year’s Christmas goodies from my kitchen are…

Oreo Pops!!!

An absolutely brilliant idea I got from here

Dead simple recipe but requires some methodical planning for the assembly process.


They are basically popsicle sticks stuck in Oreo cookies, dipped in melted chocolate and sprinkled over with hundreds and thousands.

Hubs was very nice and helped out with splitting open the Oreos for me. He gloated over how perfectly split they came out each time – all cream on one side and clean on the other.


After the chocolate cooled and hardened, I went a step further and individually wrapped them in cellophane and ribbon.


They’re dreadfully sinful, hence I’m imposing a quota of one stick per person.

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  1. This looks great as gifts and for parties! I was planning to bake cake pops for Christmas but had to work on the weekend before Christmas so no cake pops this year.


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