Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Nathan using wheely-bin as a walker

Another video of Nathan… not an especially extraordinary one. This is just an ordinary everyday clip, this particular one showing Nathan using the little wheely-bin (containing dirty laundry) as a baby walker.

I’m posting this clip up purely for the benefit of Nathan’s grandparents who are desperately suffering Nathan withdrawal symptoms. I know they will be ecstatic to see ANY new clip of their darling grandson’s antics.

This video could have been better done, but it’s hard to be both the director and camera-man at the same time. So if you find this clip somewhat anti-climatic, don’t say I didn’t warn you.


  1. He's too adorable and smart ;) can't wait for Joash to reach this stage. Btw where did u get this wheelie bin?

  2. It will be a wonder to see each day unfold with new developments in Joash until he reaches this stage and beyond... congrats again, really happy for you and Iggy.

    We got the wheely bin from Red Dot for around $10.


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