Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Back from holidays

We’re finally back from holidays! Did you miss me? Or maybe you’re missing me already right this very second.

I’ve got loads to share, but just like any post-holiday mood I’m feeling very lazy.

Well they say a  picture paints a thousand words and I uploaded 81 of them here… so that makes 81,000 words worth.

Beyond pictures, I also have some wonderful clips to share. It’s always my policy to ensure I upload only videos that are really worth sharing. So trust me: this isn’t any just run-the-mill mundane clip… this is ground-breaking stuff in babyworld!

From standing ovations, we now have walking ovations. He still needs something to hold onto just to keep his balance but we definitely have upright mobility! You can see in the video the little guy can barely contain himself with delight.

And then we venture into new elements… WATER! This clip is Nathan’s very first time swimming in a pool. I was expecting him to be a little scared and apprehensive of the new floating sensation, but he just dove in like a duck to water. He never ceases to amaze us.

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