Monday, October 31, 2011

Three alternative pocket nappy uses and giveaway sneak preview

So after that initial hint, I thought to give you peeps a little sneak preview of the nappy I plan to give away…

A Pea Pods pocket nappy with a bamboo trifold insert and also comes with a bonus PUL-lined mini wet bag!


I know a number of people who are not big fans of pockets. The biggest issue seems to be about the yucky business pulling out wet inserts from the pocket.

So for the non-pocket-enthusiasts: just for fun, I thought to share three alternative ways to use the pocket nappy

#1. Lay the trifold on top of the shell and use it “insert plus nappy cover style”. I know folks who like using it this way so they can reuse the cover and just replace the inserts as needed.


#2. Use the inserts “prefold style”. I discovered that these inserts are similar in size with a standard prefold and can be folded accordingly, wrapped around baby’s bum and covered over with the pocket shell or a nappy cover.

CIMG5226 CIMG5227

The texture of the insert’s bamboo material is also able to ‘catch’ hold of a snappi to fasten together. Not all trifold inserts are like this, many have too soft or smooth a finish to have any ‘grip’.

CIMG5220 CIMG5222

#3. Add extra inserts for use as a night nappy. The crotch of the nappy is quite wide and roomy. So it allows for extra stuffing as needed to last for extended periods like going overnight.


More details of the giveaway will be out soon. FYI: the giveaway is not in any way commercially affiliated with Pea Pods or any other related parties. It is simply just me and myself wanting to share some fluffy love. No strings attached.

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