Saturday, October 08, 2011

7 Breakfast ideas for bub

Nathan’s always a bright and early riser – no matter how late he slept the night before.

As for me, I’m not necessarily as bright but I can’t escape the early part – when Nathan wakes up, everybody else in the house wakes up too.

I’ve always been taught that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But I don’t always have the luxury of cooking up a nice big brekkie for everyone. So here are the simple baby brekkie foods I turn to the most often.

  1. Baked beans – I use the no added salt version which tastes very bland to me, but is one of Nathan’s big favourites. This is my most basic no-fail shortcut brekkies. I stock up cans of these on every 99 cent special.

  2. Yoghurt – I used to buy the more expensive baby yoghurt, but after some research and comparing of ingredients, I found out that the only difference from the regular adult version is that the baby version is made from full fat milk with minimal or no added sugar. So now I get full fat plain Greek yoghurt and add my own fruit. He gobbles it all down just the same.
  3. Weet-Bix – a new favourite I recently started trying out since a friend shared how much her son loves it at our last mothers group meet up. I just soak a couple of these in milk until it’s all mushy and he just chomps it all down like a true blue Aussie kid. Hubs and I are not big fans but it’s good to know that it’s considered a top healthy breakfast choice for kids.

  4. Oatmeal porridge – this is one of my own favourite brekkie foods and whenever I have this I like to cook a little extra to share with Nathan. However I haven’t been able to do this as often lately as I suspect that Nathan may be a little allergic or sensitive to it. I notice a little redness and rashy spots popping up on his face later in the day following at oatmeal brekkie. Hopefully it’s just a phase that he’ll grow out of because he really enjoys his oatmeal just like his mum.
  5. Fruit – classic healthy choice. When he was younger I’d serve him mashed banana, avocado, strawberries, pear or applesauce. He can now munch on apple or pear slices, but normally spends more time playing with it than actually eating enough of it to make a substantial meal out of it. So I usually chop or mash it and serve it to him with some form of cereal.

  6. Rice pudding – some days I would reach for my stash of frozen rice porridge and heat up a portion mixed with some cream. I also like to add a bit of ricotta cheese and stewed fruit. I’ll share my quick shortcut recipe for this seemingly sophisticated brekkie in another post.

  7. Bread, in the form of toast, buns or steamed mantou – I let him munch a piece on his own and try to ignore the crumbs until later. At some point he does start to become more interested in playing with it than actually eating it, so I normally give this to him after the ‘main’ brekkie meal.


Any other ideas and suggestions are most welcome!


  1. really love reading your blog and seeing Nathan grow up and so happy with his popo and gong gong :)

  2. Thanks min. Glad that Nathan is able to brighten your screen time in his own little way ^_^


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