Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The holiday is over

Today was one of those cold, wet, windy, blustery days. I woke up this morning to the sound of the howling wind and the rain pattering on our roof. At that moment I wished I could snuggle back under the covers and go right back to sleep. But indulgences like that are no more for me… especially when living with a early and punctual riser in the nursery.

True to form, right on the dot we heard Nathan stirring and babbling in his room. Today was also a work-in-office-day for me, so no dilly-dallying – lots to do to get ready and drop Nathan off at daycare before heading off to work.

I felt the weight of the day start to press down even though it’s barely begun. I suppose it was mainly due to the somewhat empty feeling in the house since my parents left back for KK last night. It really felt like I was on holiday while they were here even though technically I was still running on a normal work schedule. How nice it is for folks who have parents or in-laws that live close-by.

Some parting shots of highlights from the remaining week of my parents’ visit…

Nathan’s pai kia pose while we were out shopping


New skill learnt: clapping hands


“Chocolate chocolate everywhere but not a lick for you!”
(at San Churro chocolaterie in Fremantle)


New lavender bushes planted by my mum


Sweet cuddle moment with jia gong


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