Monday, September 12, 2011

Grandparenting services

WARNING: Somewhat picture heavy post primarily for the benefit of Nathan’s daddy who is currently in China for work.

Mums whose hubbies are frequently away for work must have it tough. When my hubs told me he had to be away in China for work for two weeks, I was quite daunted at the prospect.

Hubs has been away for work before for short stints – even so it gets difficult after the third day. Normally by late afternoon or early evening, I get a little frazzled from a day that’s just full of Nathan – feeding, nursing, changing nappies, cleaning, soothing, entertaining… it really helps to have a little break to prepare dinner, eat, and shower while the boys enjoy some father and some bonding time.

So to manage alone for two whole weeks in one stretch was certainly intimidating. Furthermore, there were some big things happening the Serenely Made space which would have been difficult to manage without someone around to help.

I was grateful when my parents decided to pop over from KK across the Indian Ocean to offer their grandparenting services…




And bring over some yummies (for me)…



Nathan is one pampered little grandkid!


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