Saturday, September 03, 2011

Exit strategy

This morning while I was going through my feeds on my rss feeder whilst expressing milk on my breast pump (parenting is all about multi-tasking, folks), and I stumbled across an article which urged women to plan an exit strategy if ever their husband were to cheat on them or leave them for another woman.

Here’s an excerpt from the article…

…No matter how ‘good’ your husband is, never underestimate the perils of temptation. Men are weak. Period… Women, if you think you will be living forever happily ever after, well and good. But please, plan your exit strategy. It will and may never happen to you, but what have you got to lose in planning your exit strategy…

My man was in alarm snooze mode in bed next to me. I couldn’t resist…

Me: I’m reading this article which says women should have an exit strategy.

Hubs: Wha… huh? (*eyes still bleary*)

Me: Yeah, like for if their husband ever wants to leave them for someone else.

Hubs: Oh. (probably thinking “what a weird conversation to start the day with”)

Me: The article says it’s the smart thing for women to do. You know, to have some money set aside, work out a plan for the kids, that sort of thing.

Hubs: Aaah… well, I guess I can understand why some men would fall into that. Some men might just wonder what it would be like with someone else.

Me: Oh?

Hubs: Yeah. But for me I just choose not to entertain such thoughts. So it’s gonna be just you.

Me: Okie ^_^

Exit strategy all forgotten.

By the way, a few people have asked me on fb why I haven’t updated my blog in a long time. Well I actually update it pretty regularly but I don’t always post the link on fb. So if you’re wondering whether I’ve blogged anything new, check back here or just please use rss feeds folks. If I had a dollar every time people ask me about this, goodness me! Watch this 3 minute clip if you are too lazy to read anything.

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