Friday, September 09, 2011

The Crunchy Mum

FYI something else that has been keeping me occupied lately is my taking on another blog as the resident cloth nappy blogger on the Bub Hub forum as The Crunchy Mum.

It’s really been quite satisfying to be able to share and talk about cloth nappies to my hearts content in a dedicated space. I know that this blog has morphed into a mummy-baby-blog, so to top everything off with cloth nappy talk would just be overload for some of you non-mummy-readers, me thinks.

You can read or subscribe to The Crunchy Mum blog posts here. I also blog about other crunchy-related topics like babywearing and breastfeeding. One of the recent highlights of my Crunchy Mum stint was getting some free cloth nappy samples from Baby Beehinds to review.

Here’s a snapshot of little Nathan sporting one of the cute new fluffies.


You can check out my first review of the nappy here.

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  1. Oh I sell Baby Beehinds in my online store too! Glad to see that you're enjoying using them :)


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