Friday, September 30, 2011

Being in high school all over again

Sometimes I feel church is like one big high school all over again.

Some people say high school is never over which is also true. I guess there’s a variation of high school deja vu in different aspects and places in our lives. But church is a big one – a mixed bag of people thrown together in a common place having to all try and get along and do things together.

It’s all there… the populars, the loners, the jocks, the clowns, the geeks, the gleeks, the cliques. Aaaahh yes, the cliques. Cliques galore in all shapes and sizes… loose cliques, tight cliques, exclusive cliques, structured cliques, unofficial cliques and official cliques. If you’re not in one, you’re living on the sidelines baby.

In most cliques, it’s a pretty straightforward to move in and out and between them. In others, not so simple. After all, a lot of thought was put in to form them together, right? It’s all in the chemistry. The logistics. Higher powers consulted. If I’m at all puzzled as to the why and how it all works – I mustn't be. There surely is some sort of “deep and meaningful reason” to all this which I suppose I will discover in due time.

(I know I tread on dangerous ground when I touch on topics like this. But I find this as a way to think out loud and even challenge my own thoughts by verbalising the thing I’m not supposed to say. Ideally every post should have a clear opening and finish off neatly with a happy conclusion. But in some cases I’m still searching for the conclusion within myself. I often know the theoretical conclusion already (as most of us do) but putting theories into application is a different matter altogether and is a lifelong task.)

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