Monday, August 22, 2011

On Nathan, YouTube and Boy Bands

Do you let your baby watch TV? A friend had posted this question on Facebook some time back and generated varying responses. Some folks said totally fine (but not too much of course) while a few others listed reference to articles explaining how TV would kill all babies’ brain cells and stunt their mental development.

As for me, I don’t plonk Nathan in front of the TV deliberately as a way to occupy him all day long. But I admit I have shown him the occasional YouTube clip to distract him if he’s having a fussy moment and just because I like to share stuff I enjoy with him… namely Veggietales!


He is absolutely fascinated by the singing and dancing vegetables and I just enjoy looking at him intently watching Larry the Cucumber, Bob the Tomato and all their vegetable friends prancing across the screen.

One of our current favourites is the Belly Button Silly Song. The spin on the 90s boy band parody is just classic and cracks me up every time I hear it. So far I haven’t really minded having to listen to this song on repeat mode for Nathan… maybe it’s the remnant of my teenage obsession with boy band tunes.

After all I did spend a fairly significant amount of time in my teens listening to boy bands – I think I had Backstreet BoysAs Long as You Love Me’ on repeat for most of 1997.  Looking back now in retrospect I can now laugh at how cliché all the lyrics were (made them so easy to memorise) and how the tune and melody of all the songs sound pretty much the same. But I still love them anyway.

Here’s another hilarious parody of the boy band era… this one is really funny and worth the watch. Enjoy!

How to Write a Love Song by The Axis of Awesome

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