Thursday, August 18, 2011

How to make an instant mesh feeder

Stumbled across another genius idea.

It started with introducing Nathan to whole pieces of soft pear. He absolutely loved them and was eager to feed himself which I was happy to let him do. The only thing I didn’t like was the mess it created as Nathan squished them and dropped little pieces all over himself, his chair and the floor.

I’ve seen those mesh feeders for babies which would have been perfect for containing the mess. They say that “necessity is the mother of invention” so as I didn’t have one of those little gadgets, I improvised.

Just two simple steps:

1. Get some gauze out of the first aid kit (cut it to size as required)

2. Wrap the gauze around a piece of fruit

And tadaa! Your very own instant mesh feeder…


…And I handed it to my nearly 8-month old…

CIMG4747 CIMG4754

Being the clever little fellow he is, he immediately caught on with the idea and was soon happily chomping and sucking away at it.

I then tried to improvise a bit further and made a simple bag from a very sheer cotton voile type material


It didn’t work as well as the gauze but was sufficient for Nathan to suck the juices of the fruit from


I’ll look out for the mesh feeder thing the next time we’re out at the store as I think it’s really good to encourage Nathan to enjoy fruits. In the meantime, the gauze is a perfect alternative.

P.S. More of my creative sewing projects including my B.U.R.P Squad Kit and Kimono Baby Wrap


  1. hey I found 'butter muslin' in a packed (precut) at spotlight today, I was wondering what I could do with it and just read your post!
    I think I need to go and buy some just to try this.

  2. I'd be keen to see what you come up with, Rebecca. Maybe you have a different way of making up the pattern and seam. I'm also curious to see what is butter muslin? If it's a lot more gauze-like than the cotton-voile type material I used, I think it would work great.


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