Sunday, August 07, 2011

Have you heard of mee tomato

Lately I’ve been thinking of an favourite dish from my childhood. My mother calls it mee tomato and as far as I know, I’ve never tasted it anywhere else apart from my mum’s kitchen and this house we visited once for a raya open house. I don’t know anyone else outside my mum’s circle who’s heard of this dish.

My mum had been doing some back-to-back travelling for work so I was unable to get hold of her to ask for the recipe. I had tried googling the recipe, but could never find anything that resembled the dish I speak of.

But after some weeks, I finally had the recipe scribbled down…


I would liken it to a sort of mee rebus style dish. Basically it consists of yellow noodles and other various assortment of ingredients and condiments…


And the magic ingredient that brings it all together is the tomato gravy


The recipe I jotted down was all agak-agak or estimation. So I used a lot of trial and error to scale the recipe down to an amount for just the two of us. Basically it consists of shallots, garlic, dried chillies, chicken stock, canned tomatoes and uses mash potatoes to ‘thicken’ it up to a gravy-like texture.

I wish my mum was here to have a taste so she can tell me if I got it right. But it still tasted good. It was altogether something complete new to hubby, but he liked it too.


When I cook this again, I’ll take note of the exact measurements and quantities to produce a clearer recipe for record.

Once I perfect this dish, I shall add to my list of signature dishes along with my sayur lodeh and lontong.

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