Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Going cloth at night

I haven'’t blogged about cloth nappies in a long while. But rest assured I’m still crazy about them and love every single liberating thing about them. Liberating penny-wise, baby-health-wise, environmentally-friendly-wise and trendy-wise!

I’ve been going strong with cloth full time during the day, whether at home or out and about. I use mainly muslin flats, prefolds and fitteds at home, and for going out switch to my trusty all-in-ones or snap-in-ones for convenience and cuteness.

So you could say I was 100% on cloth. However I confess that we were not quite 100% as we still had not gone cloth at night. I was more focused on ensuring we had the sleeping-through-the-night down pat and was worried that having cloth last for 10-12 hours overnight was a bit too much to ask.

Well, that was the case until just 2 months ago. I was reorganising Nathan’s closet, archiving clothes he had grown out from and bringing out the bigger ones when I came across the Jam Tots Berry Plush nappies which came as part of the stash I had gotten through Gumtree.


These are really good nappies. Each set has a PUL waterproof cover with a plush minky finish, and includes a snap-in insert made from hemp. I had two sets of these plus a spare insert.

However at the time I bought them, they were just too large for my tiny baby back then. So I set them aside until Nathan was much bigger. Well time passed and Nathan of course did grow what with all the milk and solids he was chomping down every day.

So I tried the nappies on him and they fitted him just nicely. Well I did have to use the smallest snap setting but hey, that’s what they’re there for, right?

Then I remembered how super-absorbent hemp is. It’s four times as absorbent compared to cotton plus it also as anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. And now that he can fit into these nappies, perhaps it was time to consider going cloth at night as well.

So we took the plunge. One night, instead of laying out a disposable at bath time, I laid out a Berry Plus one. After his bath and milk, we bundled him down for the night as usual. We went to bed with out fingers crossed. Lo and behold, when my alarm rang at 7.00am the next morning I realised that we made it! We successfully cloth diapered Nathan through the night.


So now we can pretty much cut down our disposable purchases down to nil. However we still keep one spare pack of ‘sposies just in case. Especially if we run into a long stretch of rainy days during this winter season and the inserts don’t dry in time.

But come sunny weather, I think it’s safe to say that we can finally go 100% on cloth!

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