Friday, July 29, 2011

A picture of my life now

I’m the study again at work. Office work. Waiting for those annoyingly slow data queries to load again.

It’s been a quiet mid-morning so far. Hubs is at work of course and Nathan is napping soundly – not a peep from the baby monitor.

I happened to glance up to emit a sigh at the mess of unfinished things scattered everywhere. But mid-sigh, I paused and instead smiled at the picture I saw.


On the desk I had my laptop going as I grappled with data queries, spreadsheets and figures. Then just a step away was my sewing corner, with piles of fabric and work-in-progress pieces. And of course Nathan’s high chair is right in the middle of everything so he can supervise everything I’m doing.

I almost laughed out loud in amazement at how I was juggling things at the analytical data-oriented end of the spectrum vs. the creative, artistic side. And in the midst of it all, be a wife, mother, cook, cleaner et al. Talk about multiple personalities.

Less than a year ago, I would never dream that I would be doing all this and still surviving.

I don’t know yet what the picture will be like in another year or two. The picture might be even scarier than how this current picture looked to the me of one-year-ago. But I trust that somehow I will find a way to adapt.

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