Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Little Misters

I’m currently at work in the study. Been having a frustrating day so far trying to run a bunch of reports. Right now I’m waiting for a query to finish which is taking soooooo long to execute. When I try to multi-task and do other stuff at the same time, the whole thing crashes. So I’m going to leave it alone for a while and hope it does not crash or time out or run into an error again.

In the meantime, I’ll post up something lightweight… some selected pics of the big stars in the house!

First, meet Mister Drooly…


…you might have noticed that almost all my picture of him at tummy time always include a towel under him. We generally always regret whenever we forget to lay one down or just so happen to think that it’s only for a short while, what could happen?

Then there’s Mister Early Bird…


…he’s always an early riser. Even if bedtime happened to start a little later the night before, every morning at 7.00am (sometimes 6.45am) on the dot he’s up. On weekends, sometimes we attempt to sleep in by nursing him in bed and hoping he’ll amuse himself while we try to get a few more minutes of snooze time. Never works. This fella’s always eager to start the day with plenty of action, so everyone has to get up.

Also Mister New Haircut…


Hubs is the official baby barber. This shot was taken just after the haircut. Hubs was extremely pleased with his handiwork. We use a small cordless electric razor to get an even trim and minimise the drama. Nathan doesn’t mind the razor but fusses a bit if the session is taking a bit longer than expected.

And Mister Bib Model…


Here he is helping to showcase one of my latest projects. My model works for food and milk between naptimes and always has a good smile ready to go with some singing and peekaboos. The perfect business arrangement.

This post is now making me think of the Mister Men series. Love those books. Maybe I should get some to read to Nathan.


  1. he looks like such a happy, smart boy! can't wait to see him someday soon :)

  2. May be you should start writing your own Mister Men series based on Nathan's cute life !


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