Wednesday, July 13, 2011

How much food is enough?

Do you ever wonder how much food is considered too much for baby?

Nathan’s appetite has been growing by leaps and bounds that it sometimes scares me how much he is able to take in. I usually try to pace the servings by giving him about two tablespoons of cooked rice cereal mixed with around one and a half tablespoons of vege or fruit.

However lately he seems to become quite upset when he realises meal time is over and goes almost beserk once we start cleaning him up and taking off his bib.

So on Monday I doubled the amount I usually prepare just to see how much of it he could eat. Usually each portion the rice and vege/fruit mix I prepare fills up just a quarter or a third of one of the little plastic Ikea bowls. But as you can see, this time it was very close to a full bowl…


… And he finished the ENTIRE lot in one sitting for breakfast. He did it again at lunch and slept super soundly at his naps. At dinner time he polished off the same amount. Hubs was pretty shocked. When undressing him at bath time, you could clearly see his tummy was packed full and tight. But he was very very happy and contented.

On Tuesday he was less interested in the food and didn’t eat as much. But the next day it increased again but I stopped short of letting him finish the whole bowl.

Is this normal for an almost 7-month old?

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