Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Bath time is hilarious

One of the happiest times of the day for Nathan is bath time. Do all babies love baths? Nathan finds this activity absolutely hilarious for reasons only he knows of.


Maybe it’s because of the great daddy and son bonding time. Or maybe he loves the liberating feeling of being butt naked. or maybe he enjoys the swirling of the warm water all over his chubby little body. Or maybe he just loves being clean.

Whatever the reason, bath time = happy time in Nathan’s world.  as this short clip illustrates:

This is pretty much how he is at the start of every bath… wriggling happily and laughing to himself in great anticipation of what is to come next.

Also since the appearance of his first two front teeth, we’ve started cleaning them with a wet washcloth. He doesn’t seem to mind. Starting those good dental hygiene habits right from the beginning.


At times, after bath time… he even seems to become very sad and start to whine or cry a little… or maybe he’s just mad to get covered up in clothes again, who knows? We just have to tell him “sorry little man, you’re clean now so bath time is over! But we can do it again tomorrow!”. Then we milk him up and bundle him off to bed.

Sigh… our baby really cracks us up.


  1. My son is like that too. Estatic over bath time. Cries and whines when I take him out to dry. =)

  2. My son loves bathing time too...even until now and he just turned 2 not long ago! ;)

  3. I'm wondering if it's a boy thing? My friend told me her baby girl HATES baths and only calms down AFTER she's out of the water. Total opposite.


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