Friday, June 10, 2011

Things I’ve been working on

Oh dear… I was quite determined to keep the daily blogging streak I’ve been having. But seems like I just can’t get past the mid-week monster – particular when it’s right smack in the middle of a peak period at my day-job.

I confess that my addiction to pinterest has also been a major distraction. I’ve been more obsessed with pinning cool projects and crafts I would like to do than actually doing some of those said projects.

But today being one of my free-days, I gave myself a big kick in the butt and finished off some of the things I’ve been working on…

First off, some computer screen covers for hub’s office. He has been asking me to sew a couple of these to keep the dust accumulating in the little vents and crevices on the equipment (as you can see, he very ‘sayang’ his things one). I made them from simple unbleached cotton fabric with a yellow poplin lining inside. They were not difficult to make but I still have one more to make as I ran out of material.


After pinning heaps of fabric flower tutorials, I finally made one of these little babies. I’m thinking of sewing it on as a little embellishment on the cream and red nursing cover I made… just a little pretty finishing touch.


And something for me… a new apron! Yes, I know the material looks very familiar but I really like the red pattern against the cream. I’ve always wanted one of those aprons with a standout waistband and extra long ties that can be looped around to be knotted in front.


There are actually a lot of imperfections as I tried to use some short-cut methods when sewing the apron. However since I’m going to be the only one wearing it, I decided I was fine with a few wonks here and there… and the overall finished product looks pretty good anyway.

So there you go… hope you’re not sick of yet another sewing post but that’s all I have for you folks today. Toodles!

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