Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Photographic interview

Came across this photographic interview post and thought it was a nice idea. So I thought to just quickly do up one using existing photos I have on my drive…

1. The first thing you see in the morning:
My phone – when I reach over to switch off the alarm (this is just a random picture of my phone… the first thing I see is certainly NOT fb!)

2. The biggest thing that happened to you recently:
This little guy…

3. Your best mirror shot
This one from the summer of 2009
4. The person/people that you see the most in a week
These boys (their eyes are glued to the TV)

5. Your favourite shoes
From Charles & Keith

6. Your favourite meal
Sayur Lodeh with lontong

7. The colour of your eyes
Dark brown (didn’t snap a current photo but just grabbed a random old one which shows my eyes… they’re still the same colour)

8. Your favourite place to be on a Friday night
In front of this thing…

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