Sunday, June 26, 2011

Not quite a sewing post

There’s been a mini hiatus on my sewing exploits lately. Things have definitely been happening in that department… though not necessarily at the workstation. Will let you in more on that when the time is right.

Anyway I’ve still been receiving the occasional expression of interest in my slings and nursing covers. The big question is always around the choice of fabric. I don’t keep a huge stock of fabric to select from, so I really need to read the person well on the fabric pattern/style they’d like if they want to leave it up to me to choose for them.

There’s always plenty of new selections coming in at the fabric store near my area. But I snapped these photos some time ago and thought I might as well post them up just to share some of the ones that caught my interest.

There’s a lovely Japanese fabric selection which I pause to look at and think of pretty patterns to make from these…


I also liked these really cute owl and butterfly prints. These are made from a nice soft fleecy material, so they’d be ideal for sewing projects for children…


Most people tend to shy away from geometrics and stripes, but I think they can turn out surprisingly nice, depending on the choice of colour for the lining to set it off well…


I think the the piece below, second from the left would be a really be an elegant design, perhaps paired with a black lining…


I also have a strange attraction to polka dots… this is a recent one that caught my attention. The lime green background is such a cheery combo…


Okay a bit of a teaser here… one of the big sewing projects I’ve got coming up is related to a wedding. I shan’t give away too much as I’m sure the bride-to-be wants the details to remain secret until the day itself.

At the early stages we were discussing some various colour combos which now have nothing to do with what I’ll be working on. But I have this combo sitting on my desktop which just love…


They’re so many others, but these are just a few of the ones I’ve copied off my camera to upload.

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