Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Mishu interlude

For the little people pining for a Mishu update, here are a couple of snapshots of what he’s been recently up to…

CIMG3554_thumb[10] CIMG3792_thumb[9]

With the onset of winter, we always find him in little nooks and hidey holes – especially when there is a patch of sunlight right on that spot.

A common question people have been asking is how he has been reacting to the arrival of a third human in the household.

Actually he’s been pretty nonchalant and unaware of it all this while. It’s only recently that he’s just beginning to be aware that there is a third little person around the house. But he stays pretty aloof for now. Little Nathan can’t offer him much at this stage I suppose.

Nathan is definitely aware of him and is always curiously watching him whenever he strolls by but they haven’t had any direct communication yet.

I tested the waters recently and held Nathan a bit closer to Mishu as the latter was sunbathing on a patch of sunlight in our alfresco area. They gazed at each other unblinkingly for a few moments. Then Nathan’s hand naturally started to reach out (as he usually does with anything new he encounters). But I think Mishu felt his sun meditation session was inadvertently interrupted and got up and casually slinked away.

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