Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Linky treasures #2

Nothing in particular to update you guys on today… so here’s another round of linky treasures to keep you occupied. They’re all good!


First off, I came across these darling little three-dimensional heart cards.

I haven’t made these, but they’re so adorable someone out there please make them!

There’s a tutorial in the link.






Trick for freezing ground meat in small portions

I’m also loving this household tip I found for freezing minces or other squishy stuff in individual portions.

I’ve used this tip for freezing minced beef and pork and I think I’ll also try this for cookie dough and some of Nathan’s puree stash.



Infographic Poster 2: Photography Cheat Sheet.

You can’t throw a stone without hitting someone who owns a DSLR camera these days.

So I’m pretty sure there will be someone who will appreciate this photography cheat sheet.

Print it out, laminate it and hang it around your camera strap. The graphics of this cheat sheet really are nothing to sniff at.








Princess Kate Paper DollAnd something for the kids… well mainly for the girls but I think some boys can appreciate this too:

Princess Kate Paper Dolls – comes with a Disney princess wardrobe.





That last one soooo brings me back to my primary school days when we were able to procure paper doll sets from the canteen and spent many fun moments playing with these in between classes and at recess.

Feel like printing it out and getting out the scissors to make my own set. But no one to play with… haaaiz!

Oh well, have fun with my linkies, folks.

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