Wednesday, June 01, 2011

A dose of Nathan

Today is officially the first day of winter on this side of the globe! What better way to kick-start the new season with a good dose of Nathan.

My little boy has been polishing his back flipping expertise over the past couple of weeks. He is now very adept with this trick and happily spends his tummy time flipping onto his tummy and back again the other way over and over.

When he first started out, he encountered the usual rough spots…

Looks like he’s going to do one!

So far so good, keep going baby!

Alamak! Stuck! “Maaaameeee… put down that black thing and help me!”

But after plenty of practice… he’s now a happy flipper

Here’s a victory shot following a successful back-to-tummy flip


Wriggling in ecstasy at his own cleverness


Pausing to enjoy a tasty moment with his fist


More wriggling… is it time for another flip stunt?


And there he goes again, back on his back!


This kodak moment has been proudly brought to you by
Nate & Co. Entertainment

Okay, enough surfing, people… get on with your day!

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  1. Ha! Ha! Enjoy the temporary freedom of Nate's immobility. Soon he'll be all over your feet, under the table, under the bed, and god knows where else. (Smile) To Nathan : Good work boy!!


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