Saturday, June 11, 2011

The coolest bib ever

CIMG4354I just stumbled across the coolest discovery – Bandana Bibs!

I tell you I’m so loving this idea. I just can’t get over how ingenious it is.

Right after I came across the pattern, I immediately went through my fabric stash, hauled out my sewing gear and made one of these little babies…

My little boy is a major dribbler, especially with the teething, so I can never have enough bibs. I’m gonna make a whole heap more of these.

They look soooo much cooler than regular bibs. No one will be the wiser that these are intended as dribble catchers.

CIMG4352 CIMG4350 CIMG4349

My little boy can now accessorise!

(All I need now is a cowboy hat)


  1. sooo cool!!!
    I'm not a fan of baby bibs, so I did not put bibs on the boys during the drooling stage (drove some people crazy). But I would totally put this on them!!! well done! =)

  2. I totally get what you mean. As much as I find bibs a necessity at this drooly stage, I never liked the fact that they covered up some of his cute outfits... cute as some of the bibs are themselves, they just looked so 'bibby'. So this is definitely an awesome option.


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