Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Chocolate ‘Mug’ aka MacGyver Cake

It’s a chilly winter evening and I’m curled up on the couch in my favourite turtleneck, licking a spoon of chocolate cake which I whipped up 60 seconds ago in just 60 seconds. Yes, you heard me… SIXTY SECONDS!

They’re calling it the ‘Chocolate Mug Cake’… and it’s NOT a typo… when I say ‘mug’ I really mean MUG.

Some of you are aware of my minor obsession with four-ingredient recipes but this one beats them all.

Just THREE ingredients.


To assemble one serving:

Start with one mug

Then add…

A quarter cup of sugar (I used just under a quarter)

1-2 tablespoons of cocoa

And one egg

Whisk everything together until it’s nice and frothy. Then pop into the microwave for one minute (or just under if you like it more gooey).

And voila… CAKE!


I was amazed at how cake-like the texture turned out despite the fact that there was no flour… soft, fluffy and moist. I topped it with some whipped cream and it was like eating a mug of pure hot chocolate in cake form.


I handed hubs his mug of cake and he was all mmms and yums.

When I told him that it comprised of only three ingredients (which did not include any flour) he was very intrigued.

Then when I told him I just zapped everything together in the microwave for just one minute, he was blown away.

He now refers to it as the MacGyver cake… because let’s say you show up at cell group and they’re like “where’s the refreshments?” and you’re like “whaaat? is it my turn tonight?”… you can then proceed to roll up your sleeves and say “what have you got? eggs? sugar? chocolate?”… work your magic and tadaa! refreshments for everyone in a minute!

It’s seriously too deliciously simple not to try.


  1. i've tried a couple of cake in mug recipes before but never this version with only 3 ing! can't wait. do you think i can decrease the sugar by half? 1/4 of a cup seems like quite a lot.

  2. I used probably about three quarters the amount of sugar and still found it sufficiently sweet. I found it just right when I cut the sweetness with plain whipped cream. But the amount can be reduced further... you can always top it up with ice-cream or syrup after if it's not sweet enough.

    Also, you're probably already aware that microwave ovens can differ from household to household. I cooked mine in 30 second increments to check in to see how it was going. I stopped exactly at the 60-second mark but would probably go a bit less next time for a gooey-ier texture.

    (How did your kaya go?)

  3. what happen to your cat? he seized to exists in your blog entries. *scratch scratch

  4. Love this tip ! I am going to make this soon even though its not winter here !

  5. sam... he's still around. just now doing anything as interesting as nathan. i can feature him in a post... but it will make a rather boring one

    doria... yes try it out and let me know how it goes. will be keen to see how it turns out for others

  6. wow! i'm amazed at the texture and how airy it was. i cut the sugar by half. and added 2 tb of cocoa. very dark choc flavor. =) i definitely overcooked mine in 60 secs (though I still finished it).

    LOL @ Samuel. emeth asks the same thing occasionally. "where is the cat, mommy?"

    p/s do you watch masterchef aus?

  7. haha, its so easy just try again another day ^_^

    oh dear... i'll do a special mishu post especially for emeth's benefit soon.

    and yes, my hubby follows masterchef aus. i don't so much, just glance at the tv here and there while i potter about the house. but i caught episode of the latest season where they went to malaysia :) does masterchef air in the states?

  8. i think they have a masterchef USA, but i get annoyed at the drama of reality shows here. also, we don't own a television.

    for one reason or another, i watch masterchef aus online to keep myself awake during the night time feedings. i occasionally pick up some really helpful tips and appreciate the kindness among the contestants and judges.

    most of all, i enjoy thinking about my friends in aus. =) lovely culture.


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