Sunday, June 05, 2011

7 things I did today

Day 2 of this long weekend so far was spent…

#1. Agonising over two new scratches on my little boy’s nose… “Hooooooney, trim those nails!”


#2. Letting Nathan have a run on the high-chair for the first time... Although he’s not quite mastered the sitting-up-on-his-own skill yet, he was able to sit up with plenty of support from the Ikea high-chair-cushion-thingy accessory – I think the padding provides a kind of bumbo-seat effect


#3. Exploring my newly discovered playground – pinterest (you need an invitation to join – I have five to give out if you’re interested)


#4. Trying out a tomato soup recipe I found in a magazine – just for fun as our household is not generally a fan of tomato soup


#5. Enjoying a slice of sticky date pudding drizzled over with butterscotch caramel, which I made using this recipe


#6. Getting affirmation that I’m now back to my pre-pregnancy weight – discovered I’m able to fit my ao dai again which I bought while on holiday in Vietnam seven years ago and wore as one of my outfits in my wedding studio photo shoot


#7. Composing this blog post for your reading pleasure.

Hope you people are enjoying your weekend or long weekend for those in Australia.

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