Friday, June 24, 2011

6-month update

Hello! Who’s turning 6 months old tomorrow?


That’s right. Nathan will be officially 6 months old tomorrow.


He’s been through many milestones, including teething, solids and mastering the art of the flip.

Check out his two little front teeth!


He absolutely loves his solids and eagerly opens his mouth at mealtimes. Foods he’s tried include rice cereal, oatmeal, sweet potato, carrots, potato, avocado and bananas. His clear favourites are sweet potato and carrots. I’m planning to introduce apples, pears and pumpkin to his menu.

He’s been learning a lot… observing, watching and absorbing everything going on around him.

I read him a story from his Hairy Maclary omnibus every day and he’s quite happy to sit quietly next to me as I flip through the pages and listen to me read aloud.


Other things he enjoys doing include:
  ●  Playing peekaboo
  ●  Blowing bubbles with his drool
  ●  Laughing at daddy’s silly comedy antics
  ●  Listening to mummy sing

Current popular hits playing from the mummy jukebox are:
  ● Somewhere Over the Rainbow
  ● Que Sera Sera
  ● Do Re Mi

He’s very talkative and babbles happily to himself or to someone who cares to listen (usually mummy). The latest favourite sounds he’s been babbling include “haaaaaiiiii”, “dai-dai-dai-dai” and “yaaaaaaaaaah!”. Hubby is convinced that the “haaaaaiiii” is his attempt to say “hi” in response to ours.

His current routine is pretty stable and generally goes like this:

07.30am – wake up, nurse, then some tummy time
08.00am – breakfast (solids), followed by play time
09.30am – go down for morning nap
11.30am – wake up, nurse, then tummy time
12.00pm – lunch (solids), followed by play time
01.30pm – go down for afternoon nap
03.30pm – wake up, nurse
04.00pm – play time
05.30pm – go down for a short cat nap
06.15pm – wake up, dinner (solids)
06.30pm – play time (usually with daddy)
07.00pm – bath time
07.30pm – nurse, then bed

Of course Sundays sort of throw everything off a little as we’re out for a longer stretch – close to three-quarters of the day. So he usually misses a nap on that day. But we’re able to adjust everything back the next day.

I’m still working from home most days (except for Tuesdays when I’m in the office for half a day) so it’s good to have a fairly predictable routine to work around. I’m able to get a lot done during his naps and also during the first half of his play time when he’s happy to sit in his chair beside me watching me work or playing with his toys.


So this is how things are looking at this point in time. Things may change again as I start planning to increase my work hours and face-time in the office down the track. So we’ll take it one step at a time.

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