Saturday, May 28, 2011

Teething dramas

For those people pining for more news and pictures of Nathan, here’s the headlines for the latest newsflash from the nursery…


I had been wondering when the whole teething adventure would begin. Nathan had been becoming increasing drooly over the past few weeks and his fingers have become a big favourite on his menu…


But on Monday earlier this week, after an extended crying session at bedtime, we exhausted the whole list of every possible solution to settle him. I then quickly ran a finger gently over his lower gum and felt the teeniest protrusion coming through… a tooth! It wasn’t fully visible yet, but I could definitely feel something.

With the aid of some teething gel, lots of cuddles and my trusty sling, we finally managed to get the little fella down. It’s exciting to witness yet another development, but I’m feeling wistful that his toothless-gummy-grin will soon be gone :(

Apart from that, he’s still very much his lovely self. In fact that night was pretty much the worst of it. Since then he’s almost back to normal. Just still a bit more drooly than before… but nothing that an ample supply of bibs can’t handle.

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  1. Oh, I'm glad the worst is over for now. Congrats on the new tooth!


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