Monday, May 30, 2011

Serenely-made custom cube

CIMG4227As I’ve received a couple of expressions of interest in my custom-made toy cube. I’ve thought of more variations and improvements to make and I decided to outline some options for customising the cube for other people.

Basically you can choose six squares which will be sewn together into a cube and choose other accessories to add on according to your preference. The dimensions of the cube are approximately 10x10x10cm.

Here are the available options for the cube (6 sides required per cube)

Scenery applique design [AU$5.50 per side]

CIMG4231CIMG4232Examples: sun with puffy cloud, moon with pop-out star, pop-out birdie sitting in nest, butterfly with pop-out wings, birdie with pop-out wing, elephant with pop-out flappy ear

Standard applique design [AU$3.50 per side]

Examples: Letters, Numbers and silhouette shapes like heart, star, birdie, butterfly, elephant, giraffe, apple, pear, fish

Appliques can be either in solid colours or standard prints against a solid coloured background


Standard prints or solid colours [AU$1.50 per side]



Premium prints or textured fabric [AU$2.50 per side]


imageVelvet Textured Cotton PrintSolid CordDrill Animal Prints

Optional add-on accessories

Ribbon ties [AU$0.50 per piece]

*Ribbon with velcro attachment [AU$0.75 per piece]

*Ribbon with snap attachment [AU$1.00 per piece]

Stuffed handles in solid colours [AU$2.00 per piece]

(*I recommend the snap attachment over velcro as it is more secure for attaching toys and rattles and for withstanding baby’s strong tugs)

A basic cube starts from AU$9 up to around AU$20-25 for a combo of perhaps 2-3 applique sides and 3-4 fabric sides with 4-5 various handles/attachments. Oh and I know this is obvious but the rattles and toys attached to the cube are not included – those belong to my boy! ^_^

I’m also willing to consider special requests for designs and would love to hear your ideas. If you’re interested or would like more details, just pm me on Facebook or drop me an email at

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