Sunday, May 01, 2011

Scrappy sewing

So with all the sewing I’ve been doing, I’m left with lots of sraps and bits of fabric lying around. They can’t be used to make anything substantial, but they're good for playing around with some scrappy sewing.

A current past time I’m enjoying at present is hand sewing. I find it quite a relaxing activity to do while hanging out with hubby in front of the TV in the evenings after we (finally) get Nathan down for the night.

I’ve been following this pattern to make this cute little birdie…

CIMG3895 CIMG3893 CIMG3894

It’s now being put to good use as a pincushion.

I thought it so cute I decided to make another. This time using the scraps from the black and white pouch fabric – looks like a little magpie doesn’t it?

CIMG3943 CIMG3945 CIMG3944

It goes very well with the pouch sling I made for my friend. I’m sure she will give it a good home – whether in the sewing box or in the toy chest or just sitting around somewhere looking pretty.


Another scrappy item I made was this little peg holder. Our old plasticky peg holder has long since dried up and cracked from exposure in the sun. So hopefully this fabric-based one will stand the test of time and sun better.


And I've just started yet another bird. At this rate, soon I'll have a whole flock of them!


  1. So creative. Dad says it's the tailor's DNA in you

  2. walau u really are a domestic goddess!!


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